NKC Athletics  - Run Like A Champion Today
      Train Like a Pro !
Vertimax V8 or Raptor Training

Appointments Only: jwright007@att.net

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday,  Thursday and Saturday

* RaptorFit (S.P.A.M.) Sessions.

Speed, Power, Agility Mobility

*One On On Sessions (All Sports)

$25.00 1 Session

$180.00 8 Sessions

$240.00 12 Sessions

*Group Training $50.00 (4)

*Team Training $150.00 


2018 Indoor Track Competition Season

Training begins September 2nd

Athletic Attitude, 1206 East Waterman

Indoor Season Fees $ 50.00


                               Mission Statement

The purpose of this youth program is to introduce athletes to track and field while developing skills to compete on a national level and enhance their abilities to give every student-athlete an opportunity to present a positive image to their community .

                              Vision Statement

Wichita Athletics teaches student-athletes to respect others, promote a positive atmosphere in which to interact, inspiring student-athletes to strive for success and apply these learned skills to their education as well as throughout their lives.

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