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“The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.”

– Ken Doherty

“Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.”

– Jackie Joyner-Kersee

“Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records.”

– William A. Ward

Thank You Parents, Athletes, Coaches & Sponsors

Membership Registration

Wichita Athletics

Track Registration Form 2017 - 2018

The Very Best In Athletics, Conditioning, Speed and Agility Training

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Membership Registration Form

Spring Recreational Membership Fees: $100.00 ( April - May)

* Pay by April 1st 

Summer Competitive Membership Fees: $150.00 (June - August)

* Pay by June 1st  

* Does not include meet entry fees.

Club Membership Waiver: All training and competitions are optional. If an athlete chooses to participate in personal or group training, track meets, club races, etc. the following apply: Running/training are potentially hazardous activities. I will not enter and run in club events/activities unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official or coach relative to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running in club races and training including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, the conditions of the road and traffic on the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application for membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, waive and release AAU, USATF, Wichita Athletics, Staff, John Wright, all sponsors, and volunteers their representatives and successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in these club activities even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. I also waive and release the City of Wichita and all other facilities, where practices take place from any and all liability.

Return application form with membership fee to John Wright. Make checks payable to Wichita Athletics TC. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Questions- please Contact Coach John Wright @316-644-9781.

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Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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